Lead Ore

  • Lead is a versatile metal. It is used in its pure form to reduce wear and tear of mechanical parts, cover high voltage electrical wires, in paints and pigments as well as in extrusions. Lead has high resistance against water and marine chemicals, thus it finds extensive use in underwater equipments. It is also used to line up floors in chemical baths and factories where hazardous chemicals are used or manufactured.
  • Lead extracted from lead ores find application in different industries. By reliable estimates, majority of the produce of lead ores are used up in manufacturing lead batteries and other related products. Since lead is very malleable at high heats, it is also the major ingredient in soldering, finishing and joining electronic parts.
  • Lead is also used to cast other metals in shape. Molten gold, glass, copper and other precious metals are also poured into lead casts to create bars and shapes of desired shapes and configurations.
  • Since the last few years, lead has lost its largest consumer - the paint and colorant industry. Lead in paint causes lead poisoning and untold harm to living beings across all life forms.